Terms and Conditions for Enrolment 

Roydon Academy of performing arts accepts no liability for any injures, illness or fatalities during their sessions, all aerial activity is entered into entirely at your own risk.

For any students under the age of 18 a signature will be needed by a responsible parent/guardian.

For your own safety do not consume drugs or alcohol before (or during) coming to lessons.

When taking up any new physical activity where friction may occur, some bruising or friction burns may result. This is possible and likely especially at the beginning of learning aerial silks, aerial hoop and acro. Aerial silk,hoop and acro is a fantastic all over body workout, however it can take a few weeks to for your body to adapt to supporting weight on parts of your body where you wouldn’t normally support weight, for example: the back of your knees or the inside of your thighs.

I am aware of the possibility of bruising or injury due to the nature of aerial silk,aerial hoop and acroclasses.

We advise that you consult a medical practitioner before engaging in any physical activity.

I do not have any reason to believe that I have any medical conditions which makes aerial silk ,hoop or acroactivity unsuitable for me to take part in.

I understand that if injuries do occur it is my responsibility and not the responsibility of Roydon Academy of Performing Arts or my instructor. I will not hold either party responsible.

I agree to listen and abide by the instructions issued by the instructor at all times.

I agree not to invert without the supervision and permission of my instructor and before I have learnt the spotting and dismount techniques.

I understand that whilst every effort is taken to ensure my safety during the lessons, I am taking part in a sport and like any other there is always a possibility of getting hurt.

If my medical conditions change I agree to inform my instructor and fill out a new form.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions.

Your details are confidential and are for our records only. Your details will not be passed on to third parties. They are used to ensure the records we hold are up to date and that we can contact your next of kin in the event of an emergency. By completing this form, you have read and agree with the terms.