Allow Your Child’s Talents to Flourish at Our Prestigious Dance School and Drama Academy in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Diverse Arts Classes, including Aerial Hoop, Silk & Trapeze Classes

At Roydon Academy of Performing Arts we deliver all-inclusive training that encompasses a myriad of genres. Our passion for the arts is ignited by the achievements of our pupils, who adore taking part in cultural productions.

Specialists in Performing Arts, with a strong technical training in dance

Encourage your child to hone their skills as an aspiring dancer. By taking part in our modern jazz and tap classes, your child will practice advanced movements to exciting, lively rhythms, while adhering to a recognised syllabus.

Mastering the Art of Acro Dance and Ballet

Steeped in gracefulness, acro dance allows the performer to become immersed in an inspiring fusion of dance and acrobatics. By embracing the beauty of acro dance and ballet, your child will strengthen their body-balance.

Enjoyable Musical Theatre and Singing Classes

Creativity is particularly influential in children, and self-expression cultivates lifelong benefits, whether through musical theatre or singing. Our classes teach children how to project their voice, communicate, and trust.

Go Beyond Their Dreams

In order for children to thrive, they need the right kind of environment, which not only allows for them to learn and grow as people but also encourages them to do so, in many different aspects of their life. At Roydon Academy, we give every child this opportunity, in a safe, healthy, nurturing way.

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About Us

Proven to encourage healthy development, dance, drama, and singing shape your child’s confidence, capacity for self-expression, and ability to develop a positive self-image across a lifetime. At Roydon Academy of Performing Arts, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, we take pride in our reputation as an inclusive performing arts academy. For more than five years we have delivered stimulating, engaging music, acting, singing, and dance classes to aspiring young performers. Our empathetic, patient practitioners nurture the talents of pupils until they flourish. As a family-orientated company, we delight in the positive feedback we receive from pupils and parents. A magnet for shy children, we are highly trained, approachable professionals who devote much time into building the confidence of our students.