Encourage Your Children to Exercise their Vocals with Private Singing Lessons by Talented Tutors in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Singing works deeply into the body’s physiology, deepening breathing and heart-rate, while altering brain-wave patterns, and strengthening the immune system. It also helps to build a person's confidence and self-esteem, and can increase their capacity for self-expression. At Roydon Academy of Performing Arts, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, we offer expert singing lessons taught by private singing tutors that build on your child’s confidence and potential.

Private One-to-One Singing Lessons

Private, one-to-one singing lessons enable children to explore the intricate mechanics of singing. During a private singing lesson, your child will learn about three major topics, which include posture, breathing, and tone. Our private singing tutors encourage the children to discover their voice, while learning the difference between middle, chest, and head voice. As well as developing techniques required for performance, children enjoy well-known songs from musicals. Additionally, pupils develop techniques relating to:

Tone – Vowels – Consonants – Voice Types

Strengthen Your Body and Boost Wellbeing

Crucially, singing releases endorphins, the body’s pleasure hormones, as well as exercising head and neck muscles. Recent research also indicates that a musical experiences have a powerful effect when influencing language development. It has also been shown to increase and enhance:

Concentration – Memory – Visual and Listening Skills – Spatial Orientation – Physical Coordination

Helping Children to Overcome Problems

Through extensive research and study, Miss Trudy and her school are well-versed in the anatomy and physiology of dance and performing arts. Of course, at Roydon Academy of Performing Arts we practice up-to-date, safe teaching. In giving children this wonderful opportunity, we recognise the importance of ensuring our practices yield positive results. With great success, we have worked alongside doctors and specialists in neurological and physical training to teach corrective techniques to individual children. Performing arts provide great support and encouragement to children who suffer from:

Dyspraxia – Dyslexia – Scoliosis – Hypermobility Syndrome – Extreme Shyness – Social Anxiety Disorder –Speech Impediments

Contact us, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, to speak to our private singing tutors about arranging specialist singing lessons.