Let Your Children Develop a Sense of Rhythm during Our Tap Dancing Classes in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Evidence suggests that control and mastery of the body’s movement, through the discipline of dance, gives children the opportunity to express themselves emotionally. This results in improved physical wellbeing, and positive self-image. At Roydon Academy of Performing Arts, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, we deliver expert tap dancing classes and tap dance Tutoring, while encouraging pupils to grow and flourish.

Teaching Musical Tap Dancing

An excellent platform for developing rhythm and musicality, tap is greatly enjoyed by children who adore learning different rhythms and re-creating them with their feet. By interacting with different types of music, children are encouraged to appreciate and enjoy it. Structured around a tap syllabus, our tap dancing classes provide the opportunity for children to take International Dance Teachers’ Association exams. In addition to tap, we teach modern jazz and acro dance, which are lively, rhythmic forms of expression.

Encouraging Children to Develop a Positive Self-Image

Movement is clearly related to physical and intellectual development. Children physically act the spontaneity of emotion, such as jumping for joy, shaking with fear or excitement. With little inhibitions, children express feelings wholly and freely. However, as they become adults their actions often become minimised, reduced, or suppressed. Creative pursuits, such as dance, sustain a child’s ability to express themselves physically without inhibition or awkwardness later in life. This means they are more likely to feel good about themselves, eat healthily, and achieve their full potential.

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