Terms and Conditions for Enrolment 

Terms and Conditions for Enrolment

1. Any new student is welcome to try two weeks before registering with the school. Please contact the school regarding suitable class and available places and complete a pre-registration form. During this time, you can pay weekly by cash.

2. A registration form for each student is issued which must be completed with a registration fee of £15 per student. 

3. Roydon Academy operates in alignment with the academic calendar as set by Essex County Council. Replacement classes will be offered if the school has any cancelled dates. Refunds are not given for any classes not attended by the pupil.

4. When enrolling your child into the school, parents are provided with the details of the regulation uniform for each class.

5. We encourage our students to take pride and pleasure in appearing beautifully groomed as looking smart and elegant enhances the way in which the children feel when they dance. Well-groomed hair also helps the teacher to observe a clear line of the head, neck and upper back, which are essential for good poise. For all ballet classes, a ballet bun is essential.

6. Ballet, character and tap shoes should not be worn outside the studio. The shoes bring in undesirable substances. It will not only ruin the shoes but can also be walked onto the studio floor where students are often sitting and/or lying during dance.


7. A suitably sized and named dance bag is useful.

8. All belongings must be named. Lost property will be placed in the ‘Lost Property’ box and valuables will be kept by the teacher. Any unclaimed lost property will be disposed of at the end of each term.

9. Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before class is due to commence.

10. Younger students (below school Year 7) must be collected from inside Roydon Academy premises; they are not permitted to leave the premises unattended. If a parent is late, the student will be taken back into the studio.

11. All students should be signed in and given a wrist band if the parent or guardian is leaving the premises. This adheres with our safeguarding policy.

Roydon Academy of Performing Arts Ethos Statement


1. To provide an excellent level of training, encouraging the appreciation of dance and song, and to develop performance skills, a sense of musicality, social awareness and self-confidence.

2. To provide a safe, nurturing environment so that students gain a rich education in dance and song.

3. To understand the individual needs of each student and catering through differentiation in inclusive classes to build their confidence and ability.

4. To enable students to partake in examinations to set standards and reward achievements whilst following the RAD and IDTA code of conduct and professional practice.

5. Roydon Academy of Performing Arts is committed to providing professional development and life-long learning.


Roydon Academy Professional and Personal Conduct 

1. Whilst following the RAD and IDTA code of conduct and professional practice (see attached sheet) we expect that students and parents will also follow a professional and personal code of conduct to ensure the smooth running of the school. 

2. For any concerns or questions regarding your child/ren, see Miss Trudy personally. This might include changes in home life, health or dance progress.

3. For any concerns with how Roydon Academy is managed and the staff employed, see Miss Trudy directly. We appreciate your discretion with any concerns or complaints.

4. Parents are to fully support their child/ren in all dance classes, examinations, festivals and shows. This includes: commitment and punctuality to lessons, rehearsals and shows; ensuring correct uniform, shoes, hair and makeup (where appropriate);supporting others at the school who require it; and supporting Roydon Academy and the staff in presenting professionalism during all public events.

5. Parents will not register their child/ren at any other performing arts or dance schools in addition to Roydon Academy. If there is an issue with timetabling or classes offered, see Miss Trudy in the first instance. 

6. Social networking sites are a fantastic way of publicising and sharing the achievements of the students and the school, however there are some parents who have not given permission for their children to be photographed or filmed and must not be shared on any publicity or social media sites. In alignment with our safeguarding policy, please only share uploaded images by Roydon Academy or upload to the Facebook page ‘Roydon Academy Dance Mums and Dads!’

7. No aggression or violence towards Roydon Academy staff or other parents or students at the school will be tolerated. Any aggressive phone calls will be recorded as evidence. In the event that this happens, you will be asked to leave the premises and you may forfeit your child/ren’s place at the school.

Roydon Academy of Performing Arts Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Receipt of remittance will acknowledge consent of all Terms and Conditions listed below.

2. Please note that payment of your invoice indicates your permission to allow photographs and/or video to be taken of your child during classes or performances which may be placed on our website. If you wish your child to be excluded from these please inform us in writing.

3. If you wish to withdraw your child from lessons, then we require one term’s notice so that we can offer that place to a student on our waiting list.

4. Please inform us immediately of any changes in your personal details.

5. Any queries regarding your invoice or payment, or the timetable please do not hesitate to contact Miss Trudy on 07780 952928 or at dancetrudyjane@gmail.com 


7. Invoices will, by default, be sent by email. If you wish to have a hard copy of your invoice, please inform us.

8. We would prefer for payments to be made by internet or telephone banking to the following accounts:

Name on account: Roydon Academy of Performing Arts
Account No: 03935505

Sort Code: 30 97 84

9. Please put your child’s surname, initial and what it is for (i.e. DeakinT Fees) as the reference on the payment allowing 3 days for the payment to clear in time for the due date.

10. If you are having financial difficulties, please contact us to discuss it.

11. All timetables, price lists and other information can be found in or Registration Pack. If you would like a copy, please contact us via email and we will email you a copy.

12. Refunds will not be given except in extenuating circumstances, this includes private lessons. If we cancel, then classes will be rescheduled at another time. If we are forced to close our premises for any reason, classes will switch to online ZOOM. Any agreed refunds will incur Administration Charge of £15.

NB:If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, our staff or the running of the Academy, please inform Miss Trudy of your decision for your child/ren to train elsewhere. Your child/ren is/are not obliged to train at Roydon Academy. Furthermore, it is at Miss Trudy’s discretion regarding student registration for classes.


Please note: By completing your child's registration with us, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.